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No drama Llama!

Lamawandern am Siriuskogel

When I was a child my father always spoke of llamas in his own garden. That sounded exotic, but it was also kind of strange. Instead of the llamas, my mother received three chickens that the marten decapitated one night. In terms of pet technology, we were thrown back on the dog.

Last week my niece and I met the family lama karma. At “lamawandan” with Christiane Heissl, who lives with her ten animals in Bad Ischl. Unconditionally committed to animal welfare, Christiane directs the animal life in her garden. In this way, she has succeeded in building a homogeneous group – gently as well as firmly: the animals live here on happy ground.

First she introduces us to the individual lamas with their different characters. Sophie, the leader, and Luna, who, with her white fur, is a more shiny star than the moon and stretches out a soft-woolen neck. We are already sniffing joyfully from different shades of brown and have fallen into love with the llama. With the Grande Dame Cleo and Frohnatur Happy we set off on a wonderful, one and a half hour journey over the Siriuskogel.

Llamas are very special animals. Good-natured, clean and domesticated for thousands of years. That is why they are very well tolerated by people. Whoever lives in the here and now is infectiously well grounded. Didn’t we have other appointments today? No matter, the hike through the terrain is as easy as if we knew the animals forever. Patience is only required on the meadow. The pre-Christmas gift table on the green floor is good to eat, Happy’s long mane sways in the much too warm wind. Cleo now wants to fill his stomach …

Back in the enclosure I think I am totally relaxed: it’s a shame that my father’s idea never came true. „No Drama Lama“, I can only now understand the meaning of this saying …

Tip: The llama hike with Christiane Heissl (Pernecker Straße 12, Bad Ischl) and her good-natured animals is highly recommended. The certified llama guide is flexible and individual to almost any request, as long as it remains appropriate for the animals. Information at

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